Leverage your Link!

How to use the Schedule Feature (PRO)

Oct 012019

Do you want a link to show up for a set period of time?   Start now, end in 3 days or start in two weeks and end 2 weeks after.  Well with our scheduling feature you can do just that.

*This requires a pro subscription to use this feature. Click here to upgrade now.  GO PRO

1. Begin by adding a new link. If you're not sure how to do this view our guide. "How to add your first link"

2. Before saving your new link, select the "Schedule" button directly left of the Submit button.


3. You will see the start and end date option.


4. Select both your start and end date.

5. Select Submit to add your link.  Keep in mind you can change the start and end dates after you submit but only if you set a schedule in the first place.

Enjoy your PRO features.


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