Leverage your Link!

How to add your first link

Oct 032019

Its time to add your first URL and you're not sure how.  You will not see all the features or buttons presented here unless you have gone PRO

1. Go to your Dashboard if you're not already there.

2. Find the "Add New Link" area.  
3. Type in the title of your link.  This can be anything from "Facebook" to a more descriptive title "My Weekend Special Sale".  Be creative.
4. Type in the full URL.  Make sure you use http:// or https:// in front of your link to ensure 100% functionality.
5. Then select the black submit button to add it to your list.

That's it you can repeat this as many times as you would like.  Keep in mind you're limited to 3 if you don't have the pro account. The schedule button feature you see in the image is a feature that PRO users get.  To find out how to you use the schedule feature, check out this article. How to use the Schedule Feature (PRO)



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