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How to add your first link

Oct 032019

Its time to add your first URL and you're not sure how.  You will not see all the features or buttons presented here unless you have gone PRO

1. Go to your Dashboard if you're not already there.

2. Find the "Add New Link" area.  
3. Type in the title of your link.  This can be anything from "Facebook" to a more descriptive title "My Weekend Special Sale".  Be creative.
4. Type in the full URL.  Make sure you use http:// or https:// in front of your link to ensure 100% functionality.
5. Then select the black submit button to add it to your list.

That's it you can repeat this as many times as you would like.  Keep in mind you're limited to 3 if you don't have the pro account. The schedule button feature you see in the image is a feature that PRO users get.  To find out how to you use the schedule feature, check out this article. How to use the Schedule Feature (PRO)


Changing the Button Color

Oct 032019

If you're like us and don't want the standard black button with white text for your links, look no further.  You can edit the color of your links.  To do this please use the following steps.


1. Create a link from your dashboard as seen in our "How to add your first link" guide.

2. Instead of selecting submit when creating a new link, you will select the "Add Custom Color" Button as seen in the image below.


3. After you click "Add Custom Color", it will change to black. 

4. Left-click the black area to pull up the color-chooser.


5. You can select the color you want using the controls or input your exact 6 digit hex color code to match your logo, etc.. exactly.


*If you have already created a link but either forgot to change the color or want to change to a different color at a later time using the following steps.

1. Find the link whose button color you want to change.

2. Select the edit button. It is the pencil icon to the left of the trash icon.


3. Proceed to select from the color selector.


4. Select save. 


You're all set.  Now you can change the button color anytime you want.

Add your URL to Instagram

Oct 032019

Ready to put your Bridgelink into good use?  Follow these easy step by step instructions to add your single Bridgelink URL to your Instagram profile.

1.  Log in to your Instagram account.

2. Select the profile icon in the upper left-hand corner.


3. Select Edit Profile next to your user name.


4. Copy your URL.  Simply right-click on My Profile and use "Copy link as" to copy your profile URL.


5. Paste your URL into the website field.


6. Select Save at the bottom to save your changes.

All done. Now anytime someone accesses your Instagram and clicks on your website, it will take them right to your personalized profile.

How to use the Schedule Feature (PRO)

Oct 012019

Do you want a link to show up for a set period of time?   Start now, end in 3 days or start in two weeks and end 2 weeks after.  Well with our scheduling feature you can do just that.

*This requires a pro subscription to use this feature. Click here to upgrade now.  GO PRO

1. Begin by adding a new link. If you're not sure how to do this view our guide. "How to add your first link"

2. Before saving your new link, select the "Schedule" button directly left of the Submit button.


3. You will see the start and end date option.


4. Select both your start and end date.

5. Select Submit to add your link.  Keep in mind you can change the start and end dates after you submit but only if you set a schedule in the first place.

Enjoy your PRO features.


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